Music, secretly powered by philanthropy...

The Cruisers recreate the songs coming from a car radio while cruising in the 50’s or 60’s. The hits of this era have an appeal that stretches to all generations. The band is fronted by 4 crowd-pleasing vocalists who are backed by a seasoned cadre of accomplished musicians. They energetically deliver favorites from Elvis to the Beatles and the Supremes, and even stretching to jazz standards.

The Cruisers regularly entertain at community events, private and corporate parties, and fund-raisers. Philanthropy through music is core to the Cruisers mission. All of the money earned by band goes towards charitable causes; amounting over to $50,000 donated since their inception, in addition money raised at events where they perform.

Just as the hits of the 50’s have staying power, longevity is another hallmark of the band. Their genesis dates back to 1986 to musicians from the Contemporary Music group at St. Stephen Lutheran church in White Bear Lake. The band has been rocking since then with primarily the original members. Many bookings come from repeat clients who hire the band for an annual event year after year.

A 2008 article in the White Bear Press called the Cruisers “an area institution for 20 years,” and wrote they “use rock and roll as a means to bring people together, but the group gives more than entertainment to the community.” You can catch the Cruisers live onstage at events like Markefest, Relay for Life, a PTA dance...or your upcoming function!